Thursday, November 27, 2008

In Search of Meaning

Worldly phenomena are cyclical. The sun rises and sets daily. The four seasons come, go and return. The tide rises with the moon. Human civilisations rise and fall. So does the stock market indices. Heroes rise to fame and then fade away. Academics like economists talk about Kondratieff long waves. The more pragmatic people like entrepreneurs look at business cycles in relation to their investments. At the individual level, the female gender have monthly menstrual cycles to grapple with. Few knowledge areas deal with the understanding of natural in the way Astrology does. It is through the study of Astrology that we are able to bring together our wisdom to make meaning of the cyclical events that happen around us every day. As cycles come and go, they show up a recurring pattern, and as we follow the recurring pattern of events, we can anticipate what things may possibly happen, and when. Therein lies my fascination and passion with Astrology.

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