Sunday, November 30, 2008

Giving Up and Letting Go

I bought a card from a gift shop several years back, because I found the verse on the card very motivational. Today I discover that it still lying on my table. The verse reads as follows:

Letting Go
Giving up is merely quitting,
Letting go is sweet release.
Giving up is cries of anguish,
Letting go is perfect peace.
Giving up is simply failure,
Letting go, success in sight.
Giving up is very human,
Letting go is most divine.
Letting go I trade my blueprint,
For a a perfect, pure design.
Giving up is death at sundown,
Letting go, the rising sun,
Giving up is "There, its over."
Letting go, "I've just begun!"
- Suzanne Marshall Lucas

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