Friday, November 28, 2008

Cornerstone of the Horoscope

Most of us are aware that the Sun Sign is the cornerstone of Pop-Astrology and has captured the imagination of the masses and media for decades. What may be less well known by the public is the fact that horoscope readings in Natal Astrology attach far more importance to the Rising Sign. Whenever someone asks me why, I explain it through historical roots.

The word "horoscope" is derived from two Greek words: "hora" meaning the hour, and "skepios" meaning to watch. In the old days, the astrologer would literally watch the skies to identify the rising sign at the moment of a child's birth. Hence, the horoscope was identified with the rising sign itself, once upon a time.

Today, the rising sign continues to remain prime in importance, but the professional astrologer needs to examine all the signs and houses of all the planets in order to do a proper horoscope reading.

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