Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Astrology of the Italy Quake

A powerful earthquake rocked the central mountainous area of Italy yesterday, 6th April 2009 at 3:30 am in the morning. It knocked down whole blocks of buildings killing at least 200 people. This is perhaps Italy's most deadliest earthquake in the last 3 decades since the Erpinia earthquake in 1980.
1500 people were injured and tens of thousands were left homeless. Many are still trapped in rubble of ruined buildings. The earthquake has taken a toll on the prized architectural heritage of the city of L'Aquila which was built in the Medieval ages. Many churches and castles in and around the city at the epicentre of the earthquake have collapsed. Surrounding towns and villages in the Abruzzo region were virtually wiped out.

The National Chart of the Italian Republic is set at 10 June 1946. When this was compared with the progressed chart for 7th Apr 09, startling observations are made. There is a double whammy: progressed North Node is in exact conjunction with the natal Uranus whereas progressed Uranus is at exact conjunction with natal North Node, indicating the fateness of the event. In addition, progressed Mars is square natal Mercury while progressed Chiron is in conjunction with natal Jupiter suggesting a violent disruption of the community and population. In addition the progressed nodal axis is square transit Mars.

When the natal chart is compared against the event chart, transit Mars/Saturn opposition is seen to square natal Uranus forming a t-square, indicating the suddenness and violent nature of the event. Also the transiting Chiron/Neptune conjunction at the 4th house is opposite natal Mars indicating the mass loss of homes, suffering from the violent quake. Furthermore transit Uranus is in a quincunx to natal Mars, further emphasizing the violent nature of the event.

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