Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Astrology of Greece Fire 21-22 Aug 2009

A large wildfire broke out on Friday 21 August in the village of Grammatico, about 40 km north east of Athens. Fanned by strong winds, it went out of control and Greece declared a state of emergency the next day. Hundreds of houses, a children's hospital and a reitrement home have been evacuated north-east of the capital. Firebreaks in forests on Mount Penteli failed to hold the flames late on Saturday, and the fir crossed into the Athens suburds of Dionysos, Stamata and Rodopoli. Firefighters and wagter bombers stepped up the battle against wind-whipped wildfires tearing towards Athens as terrified residents begged to be rescued. Many residents complained of having to fight the fire alone. The flames thousands of acres of forest land and farming fields. It has so far killed more than fifty people and is threatening the Olympic site.

The national horoscope for Greece is casted for 4:00 am on 24 July 1974, when the current republican, parliamentary regime started, and is compared with the planetary transits on Friday 21 Aug 09 midnight.

(a) Transit Mars, symbolic of fire, is at an exact conjunction with the national Ascendant and is indicative of an assault on the well-being of the country of Greece.
(b) Transit Pluto is square to the national Uranus, suggesting the suddenness and devastating power of the natural disaster.
(c) Transit Saturn is in conjunction with the national Pluto and is consistent with the agricultural havoc the fire has caused on the country.

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