Monday, December 1, 2008

Where is My Angel?

A year ago, I was acquainted with an engineer informally at a corporate gathering. He is an innovator cum enterpreneur and owns his own company. As we struck up a conversation, he suddenly asked me for a question, and said he will formulate a poem impromtu for me. I paused and asked him: "Where is my angel?". He immediately opened his briefcase, took out a sheet of A4 paper and his calligraphy pen and wrote the following passage:

Angel is deemed a blissful wish
that brings blessing to you
So angel seldom appear in our real life
even in our sweetest of dreams
So no matter where you reach
How hard you seek
Even a real angel heaven sent
Is far from your expectation
But if you face the cruel reality
You discern the imperfection even exist in heaven
Then you see some bliss, some wisdom, some trustful friendship
even in the most wicked existence
Then you take it as an angel
An angel that enriches you
As well as chastising you.



Nick said...

this is a good blog, I like it!

Your Astrofriend said...

Thanks very much. Looks like we do share some common interests. Do post your comments regularly.

easternlady said...

Angels comes in many forms.
We know we were touch by an Angel only when they leave us.
Awesome blog I love it all.

Maxine said...

Great blog! Glad to hear I was your muse:)

A close friend of mine once said to me that we meet an angel of some form once a day....