Friday, December 5, 2008

Where is My Angel? (2)

Where is my Angel? - Will come in Time

In the fall of 2004, I was in Edinburgh to attend a conference. After the event, I took a day trip to visit the Scottish Highlands to enjoy the fresh air and scenery, visit the places of the legendary Log Nest and where Harry Potter is supposed to have grown up and of course, and of course, to listen to the Scottish bagpipes music.

In one of the souvenir shops, I came upon an Angel-Clock which immediately attracted my attention. It seemed to remind me: "my angel will eventually appear in good time." I purchased it on the spot.

Where are my angels? - They just appeared

Exactly twenty years ago, I bought an "angel toy" from Sweden. However, I have forgotten about it until I rediscover it during a recent spring cleaning.

The "toy" is really an interior household display that is made of four candles in their holders and four trumpet-carrying angels that will move in a merry-go-round manner, once the four candles are lighted up and burning. The hot air from the candle flame would rise and the air current would propel the light metal frame to rotate.

As the angels swirl round in motion with their trumpets, they give a sense that they are bringing glad tidings and harmony to the home. It is as if I can "hear" the sounds of trumpet in my head as they move.

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