Friday, February 13, 2009

Buffalo Air Disaster of 12th Feb 2009

This is the . first fatal crash of a commercial airliner in the United States in two and a half years. A commuter plane carrying 44 passangers, a four-member crew and a pilot slammed into a suburban Buffalo home, sparking a fiery explosion, just five minutes before it is due to land in Buffalo Niagara International Airport. All 49 on board and one person in the house were killed.

Flames silhoutted the shattered home at 10:20 pm on Thursday 12th Feb 09 after the aircraft plummetted into it. It was not clear what caused the crash. The plane was noted to simply drop off the radar screen by the Department of Homeland Security.

The chart is cast as a biwheel with the United States Mundane chart in the centre and the transit for 12th Feb 09. There are several significant astrological findings:

(a) Transit Pluto is opposite Venus in the 7th house showing the loss of loved ones.
(b) A T-square is formed by the transiting Saturn/Uranus opposition in 4th/11th axis with national Mars at the apex. This is consistent with a sudden bereavement at the family level with sadness in the public image of the aviation industry as Mars rules Mercury which symbolises communication.
(c) The two Nodal Axes are in conjunction with the transit North Node in contact with the national South Node, indicating the fateness of the event.
(d) Transit Neptune forms a Yod with national Neptune at 10th house and national Mercury at the 8th house, again highlighting the lack of clarity of the circumstances surrounding the aviation disaster.

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