Monday, January 5, 2009

Big Earthquakes Hit Indonesia Jan 09

On 4th Jan 2009 at 4.43 am, the first of a series of earthquakes with a 7.6 magnitude struck about 85 km from Manokwari, a coastal town with a population of 167,000. A 7.5-magnitude aftershock and a series of smaller earthquakes latter rattled the region. The newspapers this morning reported four deaths and 52 people injured.

Volcanic eruptions are generally Uranus-Pluto events with sometimes the addition of Mars symbolism. This is because Uranus signifies the unpredictability of the event, Pluto the excessive power of the eruption, and Mars adds the quality of violence and aggressiveness. I decided to look at Indonesia's National Chart cast at 9:22 am GMT on 27th Dec 1949 in Jakarta and cast the event as for 4:43 am, 4th Jan 09 in Monkwari. The astrological findings are amazing.

(a) Transit Pluto is in a square to Indonesia's Mars - indicating the immense power of the volcanic eruption
(b) Transit Uranus is an exact opposition to Indonesia's Saturn - signifying the sudden fear it has brought. In fact the Indonesian government issued a Tsunami warning, which led to immediate mass fleeing of the inhabitants
(c) Transit Mars is in exact conjunction with Indonesia's Sun - suggesting that the earthquake has indeed caused a major stir in the country.

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