Friday, September 4, 2009

Astrology of Java Earthquake 2 Sep 2009

At 2:55 pm on 2nd September 2009, an earthquake of Richter scale 7.3 rocked the Java Island. The earthquake epicentre was 30 km under the sea and 142 km south-west of Tasikmalaya in West Java province. It rocked the island and caused landslide in some areas. More than 10,000 houses were destroyed and another 13000 houses heavily damaged. The death toll rose to 57
A chart cast for the earthquake at its epicentre shows the chart to be heavily afflicted by challenging aspects and two T-squares carrying a Pluto apex in one of them. There is a stellium in Aquarius with Moon, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in the 1st house indicating the suddenness of the event. The Nodal Axis is conjunct the Asc-Des axis suggesting the fatefulness of the incident. The Sun is at 0 degrees of Virgo and is unaspected suggesting structural vulnerability of the fateful moment.

A comparison is made between the radical chart of the earthquake and Indonesia's national chart and it shows two features of significance:

(a) Transit Pluto is square the national Mars suggesting violence, power, destruction and devastation hitting the country
(b) Transit Mars is in opposition to the national Sun which signifies the assault on the country's well-being and structural integrity.